How to Efficiently Utilize Your Suitcase Capacity

Pack only the essentials and try not to overstuff your suitcase/luggage.

Frequent and comfortable travel demands essential understanding of ways to pack your suitcase and maximize the available space especially if you intend you reduce the number of bags in order to save on the extra baggage costs for your flights. It can be quite challenging if you are too picky regarding your clothing and appearance. However, you need to make your mind about all the essential things you will need at your trip and making a list of these items before you start packing is always recommended.

Vacation or short weekend trips to the country side are meant for relaxation so it is a better idea to carry along a small, easy-to-handle suitcase which would save you lots of time at airport check-outs and provide you some extra space in the car on a road trip. The best way to maximize your suitcase space is to shed the extra items which you can easily do without. If you still find it hard to abandon your extra-large makeup kit or the incredibly heavy combat boots you can follow the tips below which would help you optimize your luggage in a good way.

Make a list of Items

If you are confused about what to take and what to leave behind, making a list of essential items would surely help you out. Start by keeping in view the destination and duration of your stay. A few casual clothes for a beach holiday or a single warm jacket for a week at the mountains would be sufficient. Since shoes and clothes take up most of the space, a fair selection of these items can guarantee an ample space in your suitcase.

Picking a suitcase

Depending on the duration of your trip you should choose a suitcase of suitable size. The bigger suitcase, however, should not be chosen to stuff all the unnecessary items as it would only add to the hassle of carrying the heavy suitcase around while traveling.

Rolling method for packing

Use the rolling method for folding your clothes. This involves rolling each clothing item, starting from the bottom up to the top. The resulting cylinders can be neatly fitted, providing addition space in the suitcase. The clothes also remain noticeably unwrinkled by this method. Delicate or fancy pieces of clothing should not be rolled in this way.

Layering guarantees more space

Layering the items properly in the suitcase allows more items to be piled up and enhance the space of your suitcase. Start with heavy items like shoes and blazers. The other rolled up clothes are layered over these heavy items. It is better to nestle delicate objects like toiletries should be nestled in the corner. The fancy dresses and other delicate things come on the top.

Organize your items

Make full use of the suitcase by properly arranging stuff in different places. Socks and underwear should be kept in side pockets to ensure availability of space for larger items in the suitcase.

Make separate packets

Enclosing each item in separate packets could greatly enhance the capacity of your suitcase. Shoes in particular should be packed in separate packets which would keep the other items clean.

Downsize the accessories

Products such as shampoos and conditioners should be transferred to smaller bottles and packed in small compact packets which prevents spillage and maximize the capacity of the suitcase.


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